U16 Channel League Wiltshire v Gwent

Gwents selection for their final U16 Channel League match against Wiltshire U16 was severely disrupted by the withdrawal of 3 of their top players, one through sickness and two through injury which meant that Gwent could only field a team of 9 players.

This meant that Gwent were 2 points down before the match started. Gwent lost the morning foursomes by 5 points to nil. The afternoon singles started well with wins for Oliver Moss and Will Fido. Harrison Guy and Lewis Woods also won their games to give Gwent their only 4 points in the match.

Projecting the U18 and U16 squads for the 2020 season there will be some big changes for both U18 and U16.

UNDER 18’s

The U18 will be losing 6 players at the end of this year:   Dan Bearcroft, Finnigan Davies, Joseph Hill, Logan Westley, Cameron Powell, and Dafydd Rowberry.

UNDER 16’s

The U16’s will be losing 5 players at the end of this year: Oliver Moss, Piers Murphy, Harry Paterson, Joshua Chamberlain, and Joe Cawthorn.

While these players will help reinforce the U18 team there is no U16 players coming through to replace them leaving the 2020 U16 team with a core of only 7 players.

Some of these 7 players will be required to play for the U18 team.

While clubs may have U16 juniors who would satisfy the age criteria they fail to meet the handicap requirements of 12 or better to compete at county level.

Taking these factors into account it is likely that Gwent will be withdrawing from the Under 16 Channel League in 2020.